Schools and Departments

The supreme academic body at Frederick University is the Senate, which is responsible for all academic work undertaken including:

  • the delivery and development of the academic programs of study,
  • the advancement of basic and applied research, and
  • the promotion and strengthening of academic relationships between the University and external agents of the society (the Government, professional bodies, the industry, ...)

The University academically is organised into Schools, each School administratively managed by the School Dean. Schools are themselves organised into Departments, with each Department managed by the Department President. Both School Deans and Department Heads are elected from the Teaching and Research faculty of the corresponding body.

Departments offer Programs of Study, either at undergraduate or at postgraduate level. In the university, inter-Departmental and inter-School programs, commonly managed among more than one Departments / Schools, are also present.

Currently, Frederick University comprises six (6) academic Schools, covering a wide variety of academic discipline, thus offering to prospective students a truly diverse range of options for pursuing specific goals and aspirations.

An organizational map of the current Schools and Departments is provided below:

Department of Primary Education Department of Pre-primary Education School of Education Department of Maritime Studies Department of Economics,Finance & Accounting Department of Business Administration  School of Economic Sciences and Adminisrtation  School of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Journalism Department of Social Work  School of Architecture, Fine and Applied Arts Department of Applied Arts Department of Architecture Department of Computer Science and Engineering  School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Department of Civil Engineering Deparment of Mechanical Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering  School of Health Sciences Department of Parmacy Department of Nursing Department of Law Schools and Departments