BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Course Information Package

Course Unit CodeAMET400
Course Unit Details
Number of ECTS credits allocated8
Learning Outcomes of the course unitBy the end of the course, the students should be able to:
  1. State clearly an existing engineering problem.
  2. Perform extensive literature review in order to find what has been done on the subject by other scientists.
  3. Identify the project which will provide a solution to the existing engineering problem by introducing an innovation, divide the project in several distinct Work Packages which contain different Tasks in a timetable, towards the successful completion of the project.
  4. Execute the theoretical and experimental work according to the timetable and write the Mid-Term Overview report.
  5. Write the final report presenting all the theoretical and experimental work, including the methodology used, the results, the final conclusions and future suggestions.
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Recommended optional program componentsNONE
Course ContentsProjects may be theoretical, experimental or design projects. In case of group projects each student is assigned specific tasks. Each student has a project advisor with whom he meets at least once a week to discuss project progress and future work. Each student is responsible for presenting a final report that will include a detailed mathematical background of the problem, justify design decisions taken, include working drawings, specifications, calculations and cost assessment where applicable. The student is also responsible to present his work and answer questions orally.
Recommended and/or required reading:
  • All relative to the project Books and Journals
  • All relative to the project Books and Journals
Planned learning activities and teaching methods·  Weekly contact with the advisor.
·  Extensive use of the University and other Electronic Libraries.
·  Extensive use of University’s Laboratories and Workshops.
·  Participation in seminars and conferences.
·  Submission of a paper to the “The Cyprus Journal of Science & Technology” or other National/International Journal.

Assessment methods and criteria
Project report60%
Oral presentation40%
Language of instructionEnglish
Work placement(s)NO