Computing and Information Systems Service

Responsible for the administration of computing and information services provided.

The Computing and Information Systems Service is responsible for the efficient and effective administration of information and computing services to all the University's personnel (academic/administrative) and students. Central to the service's role is the continual upgrading of the services provided so that it matches the ever-changing advances achieved in this field.

Detailed information regarding the computing facilities, infrastructure and services can be found in the Departmental sites. A bird's eye view of the central services provided to Frederick University users is provided below:

  • Student / Personnel central computer accounts service (access to all eligible computer stations in the University)
  • File space to all users
  • Email accounts that can be accessed both within the network and externally
  • Web space for faculty members
  • Educational online platform for e-learning support
  • Fully networked environment with high-speed access to the Internet (10 Mbps)
  • Campus-wide wireless network
  • Printing, scanning CD/DVD writing facilities
  • Student and personnel intranet/extranet

For any information regarding the library services please contact the CIS User Support Office.

In general, the core services provided are broken down into the following areas:

Administration and Security of Systems and Services

The main goal of this area is to design, develop and enhance the services provided in a way that maximizes efficiency and productivity but also ensures the maximum level of data security possible. Functions include:

  • Design, deployment and administration of wired and wireless computer network
  • Support and administration of centralized systems and user accounts
  • Network and data access security
  • Specification of technical requirements with respect to computer hardware and software and peripherals to support academic and administrative needs. Provision and installation of such needs
  • Design, installation and maintenance of high end computing facilities and laboratories (e.g. computer cluster)
  • Investigation, proposal and introduction of advanced technologies (multimedia, e-learning, etc)

Maintenance and Development of the Information System

The Frederick University information system is central to the operations of the university. The Service is responsible for the development of the system (whether in-house or externally) so that it meets the demands set. Tasks considered include:

  • Design, development, improvement and maintenance of enterprise level information system
  • Design and maintenance of databases and enforcing of data security and access policies
  • Development and linking of other administrative information systems (library, cashier) with the enterprise database

User Support and Training

Providing support to all users of Frederick University computing services and training them so that they maximize their performance is central to the purpose of the Service. Actions taken include:

  • User (students, academics, administrative personnel) support and troubleshooting
  • Support of schools, computing laboratories, and administrative offices
  • User training for new and existing computing services
  • Development of documentation and supporting material for system use

Wireless Connection

As from March 2007, all Frederick University personnel and students enjoy a ubiquitous access to the network and the Internet through the installation of the campus-wide wireless network. The network allows users to have wireless access to the Internet from all the University €™s buildings in both Nicosia (Main Building, New Wing, Research Center) and Limassol, including Lecture Theaters, the Cafeteria and the Library.


For any further information regarding the Computing and Information Systems Service, communicate with the service director, Mr Stefanos Tsorakis:

  • telephone: +357 22394394 ext 144
  • Contact