Department of Journalism, Communication and Mass Media

We are living in a time when the media industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation and expansion. The programme of studies offers the opportunity to combine a critical study of journalism and acquire a range of professional journalistic skills including new media technologies, thus matching today's requirements and demands. The programme, which combines theory and practice, is continually updated to meet the swift pace of change within the industry and academic media disciplines. The department offers a programme that emphasizes critical thinking and the analysis of social dynamics through traditional and new media, and the fundamentals of research, reporting and writing. Fred TV and Radio Frederick, which form part of the University'€™s resources, serve as training grounds for the students of Journalism.  Professional outfits such as Radio Frederick and Fred TV, [part of the University resources], and other strategic collaborations with local media provide students with a real working environment for practice. Our graduates leave as skilled practioners, critical thinkers and engaged, active citizens.