Applied Sciences & Engineering

Start Year Title (English) Lead Partner Funding from Project Website
2016 Study finding markets, types of ships, and customers to attract them in the Cyprus Registry FU Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works N/A
HF spectral occupancy characteristics over Cyprus Elysee Enterprises Ltd RPF N/A
2015 HF spectral occupancy characteristics over Cyprus Netfon Services Ltd RPF N/A
Feasibility Study for the Development of a new innovative building material CrossWise Ltd RPF N/A
Thermoelectric Energy Generators for Low Power Applications and for Heat Recovery from Electrical Generators J.K.Switchboards Ltd RPF N/A
2014 Leading mobility between Europe and Asia in Developing Engineering Education and Research City University London EC Link
Design, development and application of a technologically advanced system of natural daylight and artificial PV lighting FRC RPF Link
Investigation of earthquake signatures on the ionosphere over Europe FRC RPF Link
2013 Strengthening Research Collaborations in High-impact and Emerging Technologies between GCC and EU City University London EC Link
2012 Cyprus Ionospheric Forecasting service FRC RPF N/A
Disturbed Ionospheric and geomagnetic conditions under the influence of solar activity FRC RPF Link
Innovative methods of protection and conservation of bioclimatic design elements in traditional buildings in the historic centre of Nicosia Nicosia Municipality RPF Link
Destruction of atherosclerotic plaque using therapeutic ultrasound and MRI guidance Medsonic Ltd, Cyprus RPF N/A
System Development based on the Integrated use of Communication Systems and Space Images for Alerting Farmers Regarding Irrigation Demands M. Hadjimitsis Trading & Engineering Ltd RPF Link
Integrated use of space, geophysical and hyperspecteral technologies intended for monitoring water leakages in water supply networks in Cyprus Cyprus University of Technology RPF Link
2011 Development of Aero Engine Component Manufacturing using Laser Additive Manufacturing Rolls-Royce EC - FP7 Link
A smart feed management data tool for Cyprus’ offshore aquaculture industry with the aid of a stand alone renewable energy system FRC RPF Link
Development of New Venn Prediction Methods for Osteoporosis Risk Assessment FRC RPF Link
SYStematic design of 3D Multicore Architectures with NeTwork-on-chIp Communication FRC RPF Link
Monitoring,modelling and prediction of HF Spectral Occupancy in Cyprus FRC RPF Link
2010 Operational Risk Management Tool Synectics Ltd, Cyprus RPF Link
A structured development approach for Cyprus’ offshore aquaculture mooring requirements investigation and mooring scenario development FRC RPF Link
Novel Technologies for Aggregate Planning Support in Flexible Supply Chains Sadolin Ltd, Cyprus RPF Link
2009 Development of Nanoscale-Optic and Micro-Fluidic Devices Using Femtosecond Laser Cyprus University of Technology RPF N/A
Ionospheric modelling and prediction FRC RPF N/A
Robot models for Teaching "System Control" in Course Design and Technology Engino Ltd, Cyprus RPF N/A
Synthesis of Dynamic Characters with Motion Capture Data for Human Figure Animation: Educating the Cyprus police force FRC RPF Link
Design and implementation of reconfigurable passive modules for next generation cognitive radios FRC RPF N/A
Design and Integration of Printed RF Electronics, RFID's and Wireless Sensors for UHF and WIFI frequencies FRC RPF N/A
2006 Installation and Operation of Digital ionospheric station FRC RPF N/A
Novel Technologies for the Optimisation of Resources Management in the Glass Cutting Industry CH.A.P. Structural Double Glazing Ltd RPF N/A
2005 Contaminat Content (Pb, Cd, As) in Cyprus Soils Humanitarian Relief Mission UNOPS N/A
2004 Specialized Optical Filters in Photonic Crystal Fibers Higher Technological Institute, Cyprus RPF N/A
Selenium content in Cyprus soil FRC USAID N/A
Novel Grating Structures in Optical Fibers Using a Femtosecond Laser Higher Technological Institute, Cyprus RPF N/A
Novel Technologies for Planning and Scheduling in the Process Industry of SMEs FRC RPF N/A
2003 Optical filter using Bragg gratings in polymer optical fibers FRC RPF N/A
2001 High Intensity Ultrasound Guided with MRI Imaging FRC RPF N/A