Electrical Energy and Power Systems

Main Thematic Areas:

Distributed Generation, Photovoltaics, Power Quality and Voltage Sags, Energy Saving, Electromagnetic Fields, Plasma Physics

Contact/Lead Person(s):

Dr. Nicolas Christofides

Team/Unit/Lab Website:


Description of the main research interests and activities of the team/lab:

The main research interests and activities of the group lie within the context of energy utilisation. The research interests span from electrical power generation, from conventional or renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, all the way through electrical power transmission and distribution matters such as distribution switchgear applications. The group has also great interest in the utilisation of energy in plasma physics applications such as fusion generation technologies in Tokomaks and plasma generation applications such as partial discharge activities, lightning phenomena, streamers, sparks and arcs. Another area of great interest is energy saving and energy efficiency in buildings. Issues arising from embedded energy generation such as power quality, network capabilities, losses and electromagnetic field measurements at low frequencies are currently investigated, whereas electromagnetic field measurements at high frequency applications and electromagnetic shielding are also of great interest to the energy utilisation group.

Description of the main equipment/facilities available:

Software tools used in teaching and reasearch include PSCAD for power system analysis studies, MATLAB for various simulation studies, COMSOL Multiphysics software, PC1D software for the behaviour of materials used in photovoltaics, PVSYST for modelling photovoltaic systems and examining the efficiency under various installation consitions, HEVACOMP software for electrical systems design, In-house Fluid, Plasma and Electromagnetic solvers in programming language C++. Furthermore, the groups lab is equipped with Solar tester and photovoltaic trainer equipment, Electrical installation inspection and testing equipment, Power quality monitoring equipment, Logger and energy auditing equipment and Energy efficiency equipment.

Research Projects Experience:

Over the past five years, the team has participated in four research projects, funded by the Research Promotion Foundation and by the European Union. Members of the team have published on energy utilisation journals and they are acting as referees in peer reviewed internationally recognised energy related journals. They have also participated in research projects with centres of excellence such as CERN and the FUSION/EURATOM project through the Hellenic Association. Other collaborations include the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (CYTA), Siemens and the Cyprus Institute of Energy.

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