Smart Cities Research Group

Main Thematic Areas:

Applied Sciences & Engineering

Contact/Lead Person(s):

Prof. Michael Komodromos

Team/Unit/Lab Website:


Description of the main research interests and activities of the team/lab:

The main research interests and activities of the group lie in the area of sensing applications for smart cities, the technical and technological challenges associated with them and the efficient processing of the data collected by these sensors. Applications of interest include the use of sensor platforms for smart city mobility, water distribution systems for leak detection and quality of water monitoring, electricity distribution, smart grids and smart lighting. Furthermore, the group is working on smart education giving emphasis on the concepts of digitizing education which can create the platform for personalized education and life-long learning.  

Description of the main equipment/facilities available:
Basic equipment for fiber optic sensor testing, I-MON OEM Interrogation Monitor, light sources, fusion splicer and other supporting fiber optic laboratory apparatus. Software for analysis, design and simulation such as Matlab, Simulink and CST Microwave Studio with high performance workstation for full wave EM simulations. Additionally, the Group has access to fabrication and testing facilities through collaboration with partners in the areas of photonics and sensing. 

Research Projects Experience:
Development of nanoscale-optic and micro-fluidic devices, novel grating structures in optical fibers using a femtosecond laser, specialized optical filters and sensors in photonic crystal fibers, prototype polymer optical Bragg filters based on laser inscription, proton lithography and nano-coatings. 

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