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NameDr. Stephania Loizidou
DepartmentComputer Science and Engineering
RankAssociate Professor
Email (@frederick.ac.cy)com.ls
OfficeMain Buidling 26
Home Pagehttp://staff.fit.ac.cy/com.ls/

“Education is an on-going effort" RESEARCH STATEMENT To date, Dr. Stephania Loizidou Himona has more than 25 years of experience in research oriented activities and she is an active researcher in the areas of computer graphics and animation with particular interest in realistic human figure locomotion (dynamics of motion, motion capture). She has published a number of scientific papers in conferences, workshops and journals both in Cyprus and abroad. She has also participated in a number of conferences, workshops and seminars at a national as well as international level and she has organised (local organising committee) two conferences in Cyprus (ACM VRST 2006 and EGSR 2006). She has been involved in a number of research activities in collaboration with other researchers such as in the areas of memory chips (fault tolerance) where two papers have been published; as well as technologies to support distance and life-long learning, looking into ways of using online courses to enhance and promote educational practices where a research proposal has been submitted to IPE and took the 2nd place on its thematic area (only one of each area has been eventually funded). Furthermore, Dr. Loizidou has maintained academic links both with universities abroad, in particular, the Metropolitan University (the former University of North London), the De Montfort University, the University of Bedfordshire, the Universities of Warwick and Bristol; locally, with the University of Cyprus and the University of Nicosia. She is currently an Associate Professor within the department of Computer Science and Engineering of Frederick University, a position that she holds since 2015. Research Projects She has recently completed a Research Promotion Foundation (IPE) project; she has been working from the position of its program and scientific coordinator. Thus, Frederick University, in particular, FRC (Frederick Research Centre) was acting as the Host Organization. The project named SIMPOL VR – “Synthesis of Dynamic Characters with Motion Capture Data for Human Figure Animation: Educating the Cyprus police force (detailed specification could be found in the website http://www.frederick.ac.cy/ research/simpol) has started in December 2009, its duration was originally for 24 months and the total budget was €123,954 Euros. However, the project ended in 31st of August 2012 (required extension time was given). The actual final check of the work took place on the 27th of March and the 5th of April 2013 and it was a complete success. TEACHING STATEMENT As a Computer Science lecturer at Frederick (Assistant/Associate Professor) Dr. Loizidou has taught in different courses; including the HND in Computer Studies (English system), the BSc in Computer Science (English and American systems) and the MBA program of study. In particular, she has been teaching C++, Pascal, Systems Analysis and Design, Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Management Information Systems, Data Structures, Unix Programming, Compiler Writing, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Numerical Methods, Discrete Mathematics etc. Given the new academic domains that all the staff members of the Computer Science department of FU have been assigned to, recently, she has been categorised to the “Theoretical Computation and Algorithms” academic field(s). Furthermore, from time to time, she has been invited as a visiting lecturer to both the University of Cyprus and other universities in the UK with which she maintains academic links. ADMINISTRATIVE STATEMENT Since her return to Cyprus in September 1992 she has been a full-time employee of Frederick University (the former Frederick Institute of Technology); where until 2002 she has been the Head of the Computer Science department of both the Nicosia and the Limassol branches. Since 2002, upon the separation of the two campuses, Dr. Loizidou was appointed the Course Coordinator of the Computer Science department of the Limassol campus. In this position, she participated in the prolonged accreditation process which succeeded in the upgrading of Frederick Institute of Technology to becoming a University. Her work involved considerable reviewing and development of the programme structure while taking care of the daily administration tasks related to the position of the head/coordinator of the department. Due to her committed contribution, she was honoured by the director of FU for her involvement. She is currently the Course Coordinator of the Computer Science department of the Limassol campus.

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