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NameDr. Photos Vryonides
DepartmentElectrical Engineering
RankAssistant Professor
Email (@frederick.ac.cy)eng.vp
OfficeCyta Building 103

Dr. Photos Vryonides joined the Electrical Engineering Department of Frederick University in February 2003 and is currently holding the lecturer post. Dr Photos Vryonides entered UMIST in 1995. After graduating he progressed to do an Mphil and a PhD in Microwave Engineering. He finished his studies in 2002.Dr. Vryonides teaches subjects related to communications, and electronics. Dr Vryonides primary research interests involve the following: Design and technology of advanced heterojunction microwave devices and circuits Microwave Electronics, in particular amplifiers and oscillators Phase Noise Characterisation and Prediction of Microwave and MM Wave Low Noise Oscillators. Satellite Remote Sensing

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