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NameDr. George Chrysostomou
DepartmentElectrical Engineering
RankAssistant Professor
Email (@frederick.ac.cy)eng.cg
OfficeCyta Building

George Chrysostomou is currently an assistant professor in the General Department of Frederick University. He holds a Diploma in Physics from the University of Athens (1975). In 1980 George Chrysostomou he received a teaching assistantship from the Physics Department at the University of Southern California, where he received a M.A. in Physics (1981) and a Ph.D. in Physics (1989). His PhD dissertation deals with evaluations of the electromagnetic fields in hollow metal waveguides in the infrared, which have several advantages like high transmission power, low insertion loss, no end reflection, ruggedness, and small beam divergence. George Chrysostomou is also interested in evaluating the electromagnetic fields hollow metal waveguides that contain inner core materials with refractive indices greater than one (leaky guides) and those with inner wall material has a refractive index less than one (attenuated total reflectance).

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