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NameDr. Charalambos Chasos
DepartmentMechanical Engineering
RankAssistant Professor
Email (@frederick.ac.cy)eng.cca
OfficeLibrary Building

Dr. Charalambos A. Chasos obtained a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 1997. Dr. Chasos was awarded a PhD from the Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine of the University of London in 2006. He was elected as a Lecturer in Internal Combustion Engines at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Frederick University in 2010. Dr. Chasos currently holds the position of Assistant Professor in Internal Combustion Engines at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Frederick University. Dr. Chasos teaches the undergraduate courses of Internal Combustion Engines Fundamentals, Internal Combustion Engines Design, Analysis of Power Generation Technologies and Computational Fluid Dynamics Methodology and Applications. Dr. Chasos also teaches the postgraduate courses of Introduction to Energy Technology Systems, and Power Generation Technologies. His research focused on development of two-phase flow models for direct-injection gasoline spray injection and atomisation, and the application of the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methodology for the prediction and validation of flow processes in the cylinders of internal combustion engines (ICE). Dr. Chasos current research includes the modelling, simulation and validation of fuel injection from high pressure Diesel and gasoline injectors in the cylinders of ICE and the modelling and simulation of combustion phenomena in ICE. Dr. Chasos participates in the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action CM1404 “Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies (SMARTCATS)”, as a member of the Management Committee of the Action, for the period of March 2015 to April 2019.

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