Welcome Message by the Dean

Welcome to the school of Architecture, Fine and Applied Arts. The School, which has become a centre of excellence in Architecture, Art and Design education.

Two major objectives guide the School and all its students. The first is an emphasis on professional skill development. This objective emphasizes the techniques, skills, methodology, and vocabulary necessary for the student to take her/his place in the professional community as a productive architect, artist, designer, scholar, or practitioner. The second objective, without which skill development remains only a narrow range of technical training, is the development of the critical judgement and historical perspective needed in order to become an effective problem-solver. Here, architecture, art and design history, together with studies in the liberal arts and sciences, provide the context for stimulating intellectual and creative inquiry.

Courses throughout the various programmes are taught by the finest gathering of professional architects, artists, designers, critics, historians and practitioners with national and international achievements in practice and research. The faculty’s works, projects and publications are known and respected throughout the globe. Along with state-of-the-art curricula and outstanding faculty, the School offers students an exciting level of diversity, both in the campus community and in the degree offerings.

Enjoy the ride!

Costas Mantzalos
Dean, Frederick University, School of Architecture, Fine and Applied Arts