Welcome Message by the Dean

Welcome to the School of Engineering.

The School of Engineering of Frederick University, in association with collaborating academics, researchers and industrial partners worldwide, is offering an established and integrated group of academic programs reflecting the state of the art in engineering, and emerging technologies and lays the path to professional engineering qualification in Cyprus, Greece and the European Union.

With more than 20 undergraduate, master and doctorate programs, the School offers both diversity and concentration. Our outstanding faculty,  cutting-edge laboratories, computing, library, and other research facilities, along with our enthusiastic students, create a unique community under the school umbrella that can approach and tackle any scientifically distinct or interdisciplinary research problem.   

Our main target for this year is to extend our academic and research activities to address regional and global technological issues. We are proud and inspired by the accomplishments of our students, sand it is my conviction that with our joined enthusiasm and hard work, we can achieve our common goals to the fullest.

Dr Panayiotis Papadopoulos
Associate Professor
Dean, School of Engineering