Welcome Message by the Dean

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you and congratulate you on your admission to Frederick University School of Engineering.

Engineering is the ingenious application of scientific principles to develop new technology which can be utilized for the benefit of mankind.  In this sense, at these crucial times of the world economy,  our global challenges are tough: Increase productivity, protect the environment, advance energy generation systems, fight famine and improve health, to name a few.

Frederick University has a strong commitment to teaching and research with academic programs reflecting the state of the art in engineering, and research in the forefront of technological advancement.

Our outstanding faculty and  leading-edge laboratories, computing, library, and research facilities, along with our enthusiastic students, create a unique community under the school umbrella that can approach and tackle a wide range of engineering problems.

Maintaining our high academic standards and preserving our academic ethos across the school while improving and extending our service to the community are our targets for this year, and I believe that with your contribution we can achieve them to the fullest.

P. Papadopoulos
Dean, Frederick University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences