Welcome Message by the Dean

Welcome to the School of Health Sciences!

I hope that this visit will be informative and useful to you. The School of Health Sciences at FU was founded in 2007 and its mission is to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to work effectively in various healthcare settings, taking into account the specific requirements of the health system in Cyprus. The School’s vision is to provide high quality education and research in health and, encourage further professional development and lifelong learning for our graduates. Our aim is to contribute to the promotion of health and well-being of individuals, families and society.

The School of Health Sciences offers 2 undergraduate and 3 postgraduate programmes of study:

  • Bachelor of Science in General Nursing – The degree is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council Cyprus and the formal qualification has been approved by the European Union
  • Diploma in Pharmacy (5 yrs)
  • Master of Science in Health Management – In collaboration with the School of Economic Sciences and Administration
  • MSc in Community Health Care – Two specialisation options in General Family Health Care or Wound Prevention and Care
  • Doctoral Program (PhD) in Health Management

Our programmes have been developed by distinguished scientists, university professors and specialised personnel in the fields of Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sciences and, Public and Private Health Management. Our highly qualified academic staff, equipped with knowledge and experience, guides our students in their pursuit of advancing knowledge, developing skills and establishing positive attitudes and behaviours in the provision of healthcare to individuals, families and communities during all stages of health and illness.

Theoretical teaching is delivered to small groups of students. The School has specialised clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories where students develop their applied skills in a safe environment. Under the guidance and supervision of qualified personnel, they also apply their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in real-life situations, whether it is hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry and other community healthcare services.

The postgraduate programmes aim to attract graduates of higher education institutions from relevant areas, such as Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Management. Upon completion, graduates will be equipped not only with a highly attractive postgraduate degree, but also with essential knowledge and skills for a fruitful professional and/or academic career in their specialisation area.

We welcome our new students and wish them good luck in their studies, and to our existing students another good and creative academic year.

Panagiota Bellou-Mylona, PhD, RN
Dean & Professor
School of Health Sciences