Welcome Message by the Dean

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities of Frederick University is one of the most significant centers for Social Science and Humanities studies in the Republic of Cyprus. It includes and interrelates three areas of scientific knowledge and practice: Communication and Journalism, Social Work, and Law. These departments constitute a fundamental structural element of Frederick University and at the same time function as one of the developmental horizons of the University.

The programs of study of the School, especially in this period of economic crisis, aim towards providing their students with contemporary, scientific knowledge, in terms of both theory and empirical research which focus on the following interrelated fields: the impact of communication technology on society (and the related development of “information society”),  the dynamics of civil society in our era, the institutional and other forms of the functioning of Justice in society, the development of Social Integration and Welfare. In this context there is a special emphasis in providing the students with knowledge, skills, and the specializations required for the development and implementation of research practice and programs which would enhance Knowledge and policies in the related fields.

The goal of the School and its departments is to train professionals in their fields who will able to contribute to Knowledge and develop innovative policies. The provision of scientific knowledge in the areas of Social Studies, Cultural Analysis, Communication, Social Work and Law, the training of students in interdisciplinary and critical perspective, in organizing and doing research as a form of acquaintance with the practice of production and diffusion of scientific knowledge, leads to the development of highly qualified professionals and of scientific personnel. These professionals will be well equipped and ready to offer their services and skills when called upon to serve the needs of public and private organizations, services and of the Cypriot State and Society in broader terms.

The development of professional skills, however, is part of an overall educational process. The activities which are produced through the common and interrelated actions of the teaching staff, the students, and the administrative staff aim at contributing towards an overall, comprehensive, aim of the School: to contribute to the aesthetic, cultural, political and social construction of new ways of understanding existing reality and at the comprehending of alternative perspectives which are realistic in the context of the ongoing historical processes.

One major goal of teaching, research and common activities within the School is the development of the autonomous person who contemplates, decides in an informed manner, and acts in the world contributing to the broader society’s evolution socially, aesthetically, politically and culturally. The guiding principle here is that the interaction of different perspectives enhances the parameters of knowledge through the meeting and dialogue of different angles of view and opinion, while making the co-existence and ongoing debate of these different views, a foundation for the creation of Community and Society.

Dr Sotiris Theocharides, Associate Professor

Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences