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Maria Goula is an architect with a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture (UPC, 1997) and a PhD by the
same University (2007). She teaches Urban Design, Landscape Theory, and Landscape Planning at the School
of Architecture of Barcelona, ETSAB. Since March 2009 is the Head of the Master's in Landscape (Master Univ.
en Paisatgisme, UPC) and since last October, Vice dean on Landscape Issues. She is a principal researcher of
the Centre of Landscape Research and Design of Barcelona, CRPPB, since its foundation (1994) and specializes
in landscape cartographies and the improvement of tourist developments through landscape design. She lectured
in several Universities in Europe and she is a foundation Member of the organizing committee of the European
Landscape Biennial in Barcelona, as well as of the organization of the European Landscape Award Rosa Barba.
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Massimo Bricocoli holds a MSc in Architecture and a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning. He is Assistant
Professor at DiAP-Dipartimento di Architettura e Pianificazione, Politecnico di Milano where he is delegate
for the Internationalisation of the master of science programs. In 2009-2010 he was Alexander von Humboldt
Research Fellow in Hamburg and Berlin. His main research interests are: planning practices, institutions and
local governments in action, housing, urban and social policies. On these themes he has been developing
several research projects, consulting local governments and agencies and publishing books and essays
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Anthony Roberts: all of my architectural / building work is small to mid scale and necessarily quiet in the choice of materials and intimate in detailing. at the same time i have nearly always found the opportunity to produce event surprises (material / form twists and turns). my architectural life has always been purposely punctuated by extended periods of work in other fields; particularly painting, film work, graphics, design, photography, research, and physically making exhibitions. i have never seen this work as "other than" architecture, but have always drawn upon being an "architect with ideology", pushing my architectural ideas into more theoretical and painterly directions. i have always been an amalgam of architect,photographer, painter, designer, builder. it is diversity and the pushing of the envelope, more than the contained ideaof "being an architect", which has interested me. each move, seemingly away from architectural practice, has brought me back to architecture (as a pattern of thought, of process) re-created and necessarily changed. (the maverick way).
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Anthusa Löffler (born 1957 in Freiburg i. Brsg.) is a German architect. She received her Diploma in Architecture at the RWTH Aachen, Germany, in 1983. She did her postgraduate studies in Interior Design and Architecture at the Politechnico Milano, Italy from 1983 to 1984. From 1984 to 1986, she was an intern at the Oberfinanzdirektion Freiburg, Germany, and became a government official architect at the Staatliches Hochbauamt I in Freiburg, Germany. As the project architect, she developed the governmental health resort and spa of Badenweiler, Germany, from 1986 to 1988. From 1988 to 1990 Anthusa Löffler taught as a full-time Assistant Professor of Structural Design at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Anthusa Löffler founded her own architecture firm "Arch. Loeffler Weber" in partnership with Josef Weber in 1989. Arch. Löffler Weber is a Munich-based firm developing architectural and urban design projects that engage issues of culture, artifice and pragmatism. Recent projects include the improvement of accommodation, historical monuments, technical infrastructures, office buildings, churches as well as housing projects. Since 1995 Anthusa Löffler has been Professor of Structural Design and Design at the University of Applied Sciences Leipzig, Germany.
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Dimitra Babalis is an Architect-Engineer, PhD . She is Senior Lecturer and Aggregate Professor in Urban Design and Sustainable Urban Design at the Department of Architecture, School of Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Florence. She is currently the LLP/Erasmus Co-ordinator for "Building Engineering Master Course". She is on the board for PhD Studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is Visiting Scholar at various European Universities. She is "EU Expert on Sustainability" in the European Council, Strasbourg. Her research interests lie on theoretical and application basis of ecological design principles to sustainable urban form; New criteria for the city planning based on ecological principles; Definition of the degree of sustainability, new forms of masterplanning; Urban transformation with particular attention to the evaluation, preservation, re-development and regeneration of cultural/industrial heritage. She is Editor of the Cities, Design &Sustainability Series, Alinea International, Florence. She is in the Editorial Advisory Board of Journal: Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development (JCHMSD). She is in the Editorial advisory board of the Italian Journal: Ricerche Storiche.

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Teresa Marat-Mendes is an architect by the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon (1994), with a M.Sci. in Land Use Planning and Environmental Planning by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology - New University of Lisbon (1999) and a Ph.D. in Architecture by the University of Nottingham (UK, 2002 - with the Thesis 'The Sustainable Urban Form. A comparative study in Lisbon, Edinburgh and Barcelona). At present Teresa is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism at ISCTE-IUL and a researcher at DINÂMIA'CET-IUL Centre for Socioeconomic Change and Territorial Studies. Her research interests includes urban morphology, sustainable urban development, urban planning history, ecological urbanism and linking planning theory into practice. She has published several papers in international journals and books in these fields, and has collaborated in international research and academic projects with different international university institutions. Teresa current investigation is financed by the Portuguese Science Foundation - PTDC/EMS-ENE/2197/2012 with Project MEMO - Evolution of the Lisbon Metropolitan area metabolism. Lessons towards a Sustainable Urban Future.

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Polychronopoulos Dimitris is an Associate Professor at the Dept. of Architecture, Democritus University of Thrace (D.U.Th.). Since 2004, he is teaching Architectural and Urban Design. He is a graduate Architect Engineer – School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) and he holds a Phd on Urban Design (N.T.U.A., 2002). He worked on various award winning "architectural design competitions", concerning architectural and urban design. Since 2006 he is teaching and coordinating the following Design studios: "Architectural Design" (5th year), "Landscape and Architecture" (2nd year), "Urban design, programming and synthesis of urban spaces" (4th year). His interests are focused on urban design and architectural synthesis, with the exploration of ideas and the development of areas of research concerning on buildings and urban landscapes at different scales. Since 2008 he is teaching and coordinating an annual International Architectural Summer Workshop at the island of Thassos, titled "Interactive Landscapes and Architecture". The summer workshop's creative design is intended for students with previous experience in design and fine art fields. Dimitris has lectured and taught at the School of Architecture NTUA postgraduate program for over 3 years.

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Maria Grigoriadou is an Architect BA (Hons), Kingston University, London, UK and Dipl. Architect Engineer, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. She was an adjunct lecturer (2009-2013) at the Department of Architecture of Democritus University of Thrace, teaching the following design and theory courses: "Architecture and Landscape" (2nd Year), "Architectural Design" (2nd Year), "Urban design – Programming and Synthesis of urban spaces"(4th Year), "Architectural Design, Place - Construction"(5th Year). She has also actively participated in organizing and being member of the teaching team at 5 International Workshops on architectural issues related to the approach of architecture with substantial contributions from the field of art, philosophy and social theory As an architect, she is working on building and urban design projects.
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Byron Ioannou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture of Frederick University. He studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the National Technical University of Athens where he obtained a PhD on 2005. He has worked for several years as a teaching and research staff at the NTUA and the Democritus University, in Greece. Since 2005, he has been an Adjunct Tutor at the Postgraduate Course "Environmental Design of Cities and Buildings" of the Greek Open University. On spring 2010 he has been invited as a Visiting Scholar at University of Technology Sydney (UTS). During the last decade, he has participated in a series of projects (research, professional and competitions) about sustainable urban development, city form and design in international and local level.
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Demetris Economides is currently an Associate Professor and the Associate Head of the Architecture
Department of the Frederick University. Demetris Economides received his Master in Architecture
(Diploma Architect - Engineer) from the Munich University of Technology in 1993. From 1993-1999 he was a Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter (equivalent to fixed-term Assistant Professor) at the Munich University of Technology - Chair for CAAD in Architecture. He designed and set up the syllabi for the 'CAAD Laboratory' at the faculty of Architecture. Since 1994 he is participated in architectural competitions with collaborations
in the majority of which he was awarded with prizes.
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Nasso Chrysochou holds a PhD from the University of Cyprus in Archaeology, a M.A. in Conservation from ICCROMqork and a r. Arch. from SCI-ARC, USA. Currently is an Assisstant Professor at the Dept of Architecture at Frederick University, Cyprus. Her architectural practise is focusing on conservation/documentation of residential and National Monuments such as churches and monasteries, while two of her projects won Europa Nostra awards.
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Grigoris Kalnis is an Architect and an Urban Designer (NTUA, UCL). Currently he is a lecturer
at the Department of Architecture of Frederick University. His research and professional
experience focus on public open spaces and urban design.
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Lora Nicolaou is trained originally as an architect, with postgraduate work in urban design. She was the Director of Urban Strategies at DEGW for 1997-2009. In parallel she held the positions of the Head of Research for the Urban Renaissance Institute (URI) at the University of Greenwich (2004 -10). She has now established her own architectural, strategic briefing and design consultancy firm with a parallel post as a Visiting Professor at Frederick University, School of architecture, Cyprus. Her work focused on city strategies, urban planning and design briefing, master planning and conceptual design in both Architecture & UD. Her particular interest is the interpretation of user's needs & preferences in a way that they can intelligently inform design and integrated strategies. Recent work includes city and tall building strategies for Dublin Rotterdam, Cambridge, Utrecht, Hereford and London, a number of estate strategies & master planning projects including health and education sectors and building concept design for a number of offices, cultural and educational buildings.
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Christos Anastasiou holds a BS and an ME degree in Environmental Engineering, as well as a Graduate Diploma
in Wetlands and Hydrology, from the University of Florida. He received his PhD in Civil Engineering (Environmental
Systems Analysis) from North Carolina State University. His 12- year-long experience in the field of environmental
engineering spans the worlds of both academia and industry. Before joining the faculty of Frederick University,
he worked as a consultant in the US, Cyprus, and Lebanon, as a Scientific Officer at the Research Promotion
Foundation in Cyprus, as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at the American University of Beirut
in Lebanon, and more recently as the Academic Director of the Postgraduate Program at the Cyprus International
Institute for the Environment and Public Health in Association with Harvard School of Public Health. He also
holds an Adjunct Lectureship of Environmental Engineering with the Harvard School of Public Health. His current
research interests focus on mathematical programming / optimization, decision support systems, and engineering
decision-making, especially as these apply to wastewater treatment and reuse, agricultural waste management,
sustainable development, and renewable energy resources. He has taught courses on such topics as Environmental
Management and Technology, Construction Management, Wastewater Engineering, Environmental Engineering
and Fluid Mechanics / Hydraulics, at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels, in four universities, worldwide
Christakis Onisiphorou is a Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering. His research publications are in the fields of stochastic analysis of soils using finite elements, the numerical modelling of spatial variability in soils and reliability based design. He currently teaches Geology and Soil Mechanics. Christakis has also acquired practical experience in Geotechnical Design, Earthquake Strengthening of Foundations and Structures, Structural Design, Stormwater and Sewerage networks, Coastal Engineering. He is also an active member of the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers.
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Eleonora Antoniadou holds a Degree in Architecture (Aristotle University Thessaloniki, 2008 ), an MA in Housing and Urbanism (Architectural Association, London, 2009), as well as a Fashion Design Diploma. Since 2012, has been teaching as a part-time tutor at Frederick University, Architecture Faculty, Nicosia. Her main field of research as well as her proposal for a Phd title at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is based upon the “Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture”.  She has participated in several workshops, art exhibitions,  conferences and architectural competitions in Cyprus and abroad with various distinctions. Since 2011 she has been working as a free lancer.  

Vasilis Ierides studied architecture at the NTUAthens and Restoration of historic cities and buildings at CoE Bruges.

He is the director in the architectural office IMA _ Ieridis & Michael Architects (Works on projects on reconstruction, renovation and conservation of architectural heritage. He is a founding member of Cyprus Organization of Architectural Heritage and a member of ICOMOS, International Council On Monuments and Sites, DOCOMOMO, International Committee for documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the modern movement. He was involved in research programmes about architecture and culture and he participated in architectural competitions with distinction.

He teaches Arcitecture and Culture courses at Frederick University.

Stella Michael since 2012 is a Ph.D Candidate to National Technical University of Athens-School of Architecture. She holds a Diploma in Architecture, a Post Graduate Specialization Diploma in Architecture and Tourist Marketing, a Post Graduate Specialization Diploma in Protection of Monuments Sites and Complexes, N.T.U.A. Her research interests are in sustainable design and development practices leading to culture and tourism promotion through destination branding strategies. From 2009 until 2014, she has been an Adjunct Tutor at Frederick University. She has several publications and participations in conferences. Recent work, includes the architectural design of buildings in public and private sector such as: airport, metro station, conference spaces, theatres, restoration of historical monuments, residence buildings etc.
Constantinos Kypris is an Architect (1993 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 1994 University College of London –MSc) with proffessional experience in many architectural projects and succesfull participations in architectural competitions.His commissions include mostly housing projects. Currently he runs his architectural firm in Nicosia and at the same time he is a member of the teaching stuff at the Department of Architecture at Frederick University. He is also member of the editing team of 'ΑΡΧΕΙΟ' which is the architectural magazine of the Cyprus Architects Association.
  Constantinos Kypris
Delis has a Masters in Architecture degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. On graduating he joined the New York office of Skidmore Owings & Merrill working on large scale civic and infrastructure projects including the Changi Train Terminal in Singapore, Sodic Headquarters in Egypt and the Royal Police Academy in Kuwait. He subsequently joined the office of Peter Marino Architects in New York as senior designer on high end retail projects including the Louis Vuitton flagship store in New York, the Dior Fine Jewellery in New York and Dior, Beverly Hills. He was also responsible for concept, material & prototype development for the worldwide display of Louis Vuitton new product lines. In 2004 he established his own practice in Cyprus working on various residential & retail, ground up & refurbishment projects as architect & interior designer. He has participated in several architecture competitions and collaborated with artists on urban installation projects. Delis is also a faculty member at Frederick University in Nicosia. teaching Design Studio at the Department of Architecture.
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Charis Solomou graduated from Polytechnic School of Patras in Greece and currently is teaching as a Special Teaching Staff at the Department of Architecture at Frederick University. He teaches digital representation tools using Computer-Aided Design and Digital Fabrication technology. He participates in a number of architectural projects, architectural competitions and workshops. His research interests include: Urban Design Issues - The living experience of public space in Cyprus city, The Redesign of Public Spaces of cities in Cyprus, Public Space Regeneration and Design. Public Space - The interaction with the Urban Grid. The integration of modern buildings in historical and traditional cores with sensitive historical character. Digital architectural design – Computer aided design and digital fabrication - digital representation tools, digital tools for the creation of architectural forms, digital tools for simulation and testing.
Teresa Tourvas is an Architect with a M(Arch)degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and BA(hons ) from Nottingham Trent University. She is Adjunct Faculty teaching Design at Frederick University and University of Cyprus. Her Research interests are in innovation in design, and design pedagogy. As a practicing Architect she has worked in Paris, Boston and Cyprus. Since 2004 she runs her own practice in Nicosia with emphasis in residential design.
  Image of Guest Teresa Tourva
Georgia has a Masters in Urban Design from the University College of London and a Diploma of Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens. On graduating she joined POLYTIA Armos practice, working on both architectural and urban design projects, including the Pafos Waterfront Regeneration, the Public Plaza of Agios Spiridonas in Nicosia City Centre, the Master Plan for the area between the two ports of Limassol and the Regeneration of the Traditional Area of Ayios Ioannis in Larnaka. Georgia is also teaching Urban Design at the Department of Architecture at Frederick University
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