Getting Students closer to the realities of the Profession

In its endeavor to bring students closer to the shipping industry companies, the Department of Maritime Studies is proud to announce the addition of two work placement modules at both its undergraduate and post graduate programmes.

The work placement module for BSc students will provide them with the opportunity to acquire a practical insight in the various sectors of companies in the maritime industry and reflect upon their knowledge gained through their studies as well as develop new ones.  Students will acquire a practical understanding and know-how of the procedures and the skills required within the various functions of shipping companies such as crew management, liner shipping operations, shipping accounting, port agency, purchasing, logistics and warehouse distribution as well as time and voyage chartering. This module constitutes an excellent opportunity for students to compare and contrast their own personal career interests in relation to the industry’s sectors and make informed professional choices upon graduation. The work placement takes place during the summer period. Students who have completed their 3rd year of full-time studies in the BSc Maritime Studies program and exhibit a high GPA score can choose to undertake the specific module.

In addition, MSc students with high GPA score are given the opportunity to undertake an innovative Internship Program which enables them to take on administrative responsibilities aboard a merchant vessel.  Participant students will experience professional sea service, while observing and learning from maritime professionals. They will have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired, gain new skills and enhance practical competence which will be very useful to their prospective professional endeavors.  More particularly, interns are able to attend and participate to onboard and onshore tasks and functions directly related to their overall academic and career goals. The internship takes place during the summer period and lasts 14 weeks. Students are first placed in a shipping company ashore for two weeks and then on board a vessel for approximately 12 weeks. Each intern must produce evidence of his or her learning by completion of the “Internship Training Record Book” whilst on board; this record is then monitored and signed by the Master, or a designated training Officer, who acts as an on board supervisor. Upon completion of the onboard internship program students are required to produce a project on any topic related to their MSc program or a topic related to the ships’ operations and administration experienced by the interns, during their on-board internship.
Both modules will be available to Maritime students as of the summer of 2016.