Combined 2nd Engineer and Chief Engineer Officer Programme

Admissions Requirements

For candidates studying for the 2nd Engineer licence:

The candidate must hold a valid EOOW Certificate of Competency (CoC)


For candidates studying for the Chief Engineer licence:

The candidate must hold a valid 2nd Engineer Certificate of Competency (CoC)

The regulations concerning qualifying to take the licence written and oral exams are in fact more complex than those already outlined. Consequently:

  • Each candidate will be invited for a short interview, in the presence of staff members of the University.
  • Previous academic qualifications, such as a BSc or Beng degree in Mechanical Engineering (or appropriate equivalent) from any recognised University may exempt candidates from the requirements of certain written examinations.
    During the application process, each candidate will be assessed on a case-by-case bases.
  • Documentary evidence of any existing and valid qualification(s) and/or previous training experience, would need to be submitted to Frederick University, as required.

If a prospective student does not possess any relevant qualification, then the opportunity to attend additional engineering courses may be an available option via the University, subject to assessment.