On going Research

Antenna applications for implantable devices

This research involves the behavior of the implantable antennas in different tissue surroundings, and to identify various antenna tuning parameters, for Medical Implant Communication Service (MICS). This study requires extensive simulations of low profile layered implantable antennas inside realistic human body phantoms.

Conformal wearable antennas for Wireless Body area Network

Designing a wearable antenna is challenging because of its placement in an environment where body is normally in one direction and air in the other. Controlling the radiation pattern of conformal wearable antennas in the presence of human body is primary focus of this research.

Microwave devices for remote sensing:

Materials with electrical properties that can vary in the presence of the substance under detection, can be integrated with resonating structures, and result in passive sensors. This research focuses on design of low cost and highly sensitive sensors with compact size

Reconfigurable microwave filters

Reconfigurable microwaves devices based on RF switches and PIN diodes used on different topologies are used to design different microwave devices. Such devices can be used in transceivers operating in high interference environments, reconfigurable radios and for alternating transmission and reception schemes.