Admission Requirements

Specific Admission Requirements

To enter the program, a student must possess a High School leaving certificate from a recognized Secondary School or an equivalent qualification.

At the beginning of each academic year all newcomer students attend an orientation program. Teaching members of the program meet with individual candidates in order to address any queries they may have and to assess their past experience.

A good knowledge of English is essential as the language of instruction is English. Before the beginning of the Academic Year, for four weeks, students are advised to participate in Preparatory Courses in English. The English Preparatory Course is strongly recommended to all students and it is particularly helpful to students whose native language is not English.

At the end of the preparatory course, first year students are required to take an English Placement Test. The results of this test are used by the supervisors to assign students in various groups according to their level in the above subject. Students with poor performance need to register for additional English courses. In addition, supervisors, advise students on their individual workload.

Recognition of Prior Learning

In the framework of the integration of the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process), the University uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to weigh subjects of its courses. Thereby students that wish or are eligible to transfer credits when enrolling to the MSc, are allowed to transfer a maximum of 30 ECTS.

The programme recognises formal prior learning activities of students. Specifically, a student that has undertaken formal education at postgraduate level in relevant fields, may have up to 30 ECTS credits recognised (amounting to one third of the programme and 50% of the taught part).

At present, no non-formal or informal prior learning recognition is applicable for the programme. It is noted that the University is evaluating a relevant regulation for non-formal and informal learning and the Department will re-evaluate its current position once the said regulation is in place.