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Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Admission Requirements

Specific Admission Requirements

Students shall be granted admission based on the average grade of their Secondary-Education-Completion Certificate (apolytirion) granted by a recognised Secondary Education School. The minimum average required for admission to FREDERICK University is 16/20. Applicants, who express interest for admission to the Department and whose average grade is less than the average required, are required to go through a personal interview process to show their potential for completing their respective program and that they meet the necessary requirements. A special committee composed of members of the Department of Law shall operate for this purpose.

Fluency in English. Candidates must hold knowledge of English language certificate such as GCE, TOEFL (70+), or IELTS (6+). This requirement can be waived for graduates of English speaking universities. In cases where candidates do not comply with any of the above, the University offers two courses; English Language I and English Language II, with no ECTS credits.

Recognition of Prior Learning

There are no specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning for this Program. Candidates can be granted transfer credits according to the general arrangements for recognition of prior learning of the University.