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BSc in Marketing with Digital Technologies

Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

BSc in Marketing with Digital Technologies

Level Of Qualification

Bachelor (1st Cycle Degree)

Offered by

Department of Business, Accounting and Finance

Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time

The BSc in Marketing with Digital Technologies is an innovative program that aims to fill the gap identified in modern firms in the field of marketing. Specifically, the advancement of technologies in communication as well as development and ubiquity of digital media generate new challenges as well as opportunities that need to be addressed by contemporary marketers.

This unique program aims to provide the necessary knowledge and practical experience to meet the contemporary needs. The program has a strong foundation in business and marketing but its delivery is also heavily influenced with the input from other fields, namely, information technology so as to understand and appreciate the current information ecosystem, including the WWW and smart mobile devices, and media communication so as to understand and appreciate how digital content and information can be constructed and used.

Objectives of the Program:

The specific objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Provide students with the fundamental principles and practices of marketing and digital media.
  • Equip students with specialised knowledge in the areas of marketing communications, digital marketing, digital media, and information technology.
  • Have basic knowledge in computer systems and skills in web design and development.
  • Introduce students to basic knowledge on the production of digital media including text, images, video and audio and the use of this knowledge within the context of digital marketing
  • Introduce students to methodologies, tools and technologies involved in digital marketing.
  • Introduce students to methodologies, tools and technologies involved in the analysis and visualization of online data to extract useful information for real-time strategic decision making.
  • To combine marketing and digital media in a unified program that will allow graduates to seek employment in the areas of Marketing and Digital Marketing

Program Infrastructure and Practical Experience

The program is supported by state of the art laboratories in order to facilitate the appropriate practical training of students. These include:

  • General purpose computer laboratories with necessary software for image processing, graphic design, web authoring, web programming
  • Audio visual laboratories and photographic studios for audio and video productions
  • The Mobile Devices Laboratory for mobile applications development and experimentation


Importantly, the program incorporates an Internship element where students are placed for a semester to a company in order to gain practical experience and have the opportunity to apply the theories they’ve learned.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

The program is designed to provide students with the qualifications needed to pursue a career as Marketers and Digital Marketing Experts. They will be able to design and implement integrated marketing and marketing communications campaigns for products and services in a variety of industry settings in both the private and public sectors. They will also have specialized knowledge in the area of Digital Marketing and digital media that will allow them to design and implement effective digital marketing and digital communications campaigns. They will also be trained to work effectively with IT specialists and graphic designers maximizing the synergies between marketing, media, and information technology.