Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

BSc Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Level Of Qualification

Bachelor (1st Cycle Degree)

Offered by

Department of Education

Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time

The purpose of the Program "Physical Education and Sports Sciences" is to provide a high level academic education and applied knowledge for the vocational preparation of sports scientists and physical educators teachers, in the area of Sports, Recreation and Health. Graduates will acquire educational skills that will enable them to successfully work in the private and public sector of exercise and sport services. The curriculum offers knowledge in the theory and practice of physical education and sports, and in fields such as training, rehabilitation, tourism, recreation and health, while encouraging the production of new knowledge. The Program "Physical Education and Sports Sciences" is in Greek and is located in Limassol.

Key Learning Outcomes

It is expected that with completion of their studies, graduates will obtain:

Structure of the Program

This is a four year (8 semesters) degree and is achieved with the completion of 240 ECTS. Most courses come from the sports sciences and the methodical teaching of sports. The first two years of study cover courses in the basic fields of physical education and sports science. In these, the student receives the necessary skills that will enable him/her to choose the specialization according to his/her interests. In the third and fourth year of studies, the student selects one of the two specializations, either the "Competitive Sport" or the "Recreational Sport-Tourism-Health", which offer increased and specialized theoretical knowledge and practical training, as described below.

1. Competitive Sport Specialization

The purpose of this specialization is to provide students with the opportunity to expand their theoretical and practical knowledge in High Performance Sport through qualitative and quantitative preparation and planning of sport training and competition. The current specialization is characterized by the comprehensive knowledge in a specific sport of choice, which develops qualified coaches and sport scientists for developmental ages and high-performance sport.

Students can select one of the following sports:

2.    Recreational Sport-Tourism-Health Specialization

The purpose of this specialization is to provide students with the opportunity to focus on the area of Recreational Exercise for Health Promotion. Students will obtain the required theoretical and practical knowledge to effectively and safely prescribe and supervise exercise programs in various populations, ages, and fitness levels, with a main aim to enhance health and increase fitness level of the general population. Limassol is a coastal city in Cyprus and is rapidly developing its tourist infrastructure. It provides various opportunities for growth in indoors and outdoors activities.

The current specialization provides the opportunity to the students to specialize in one of the following areas:

Occupational Profiles of the Graduates

Graduates of the "Physical Education and Sport Sciences” Program can be employed as sport scientists, physical education teachers and coaches in both the private and the public sector. In the private sector they have the opportunity to be employed in private primary and secondary schools, sports organizations/businesses, gyms, rehabilitation centers, private clubs, academies, groups, programs of recreational sport, while in the public sector graduates can teach in secondary education. Also, graduates have the opportunity to be employed as administrative employees to sports organizations and businesses of governmental and non-governmental sport organisations.

The program also provides the appropriate background expertise for those wishing to follow specific areas of sport and exercise studies, such as exercise physiology, sport management, sport psychology etc. or to pursue a career in research.
The graduates of the program are eligible to register to the Cyprus Sports Organization.