Combined 2nd Engineer and Chief Engineer Officer Programme

Career Opportunities

A wide range of opportunities in demanding and challenging posts is available to prospective graduates. Transport, industrial and trade sectors include many hundreds of large, medium and small firms (and many thousands operating internationally) all of them relying in varying degrees upon skilled and versatile professionals.

  • Worldwide there is a growing shortage of well-trained sea going engineers. As a consequence, career prospects are very promising with high salaries on-board and ashore.
  • After sea service, the prospects of employment ashore are excellent as shipping/ ship management companies have a high demand for well-educated and trained marine engineers (especially in Cyprus).
  • Professional marine engineers are highly favoured for employment in other associated marine industries, such as company superintendents, surveying, insurance and shipbroking.
  • The marine trained engineer is also highly favoured for other employment and career paths in industry besides the shipping industry. Amongst many, these include power stations, hospital engineering, and production line engineering.