Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

MEd in Physical Education

Level Of Qualification

Master of Science

Offered by


Mode of Study

 Full time or Part time

The aim of this program is to produce capable and effective scientists in the field of development and promotion of applied teaching and research in the fields of Physical Education and Sports. The program provides students with the necessary theoretical and applied basis in the modern trends of teaching methodology and fosters an environment that promotes inter-disciplinary education.

It is expected that students will acquire the necessary knowledge through class instruction and applied practice that will allow them to evolve in the fields of physical education and sports.

Key Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to

  1. Exhibit knowledge in the latest trends in teaching methodology and have the necessary self-education skills in the specific area
  2. Apply contemporary theoretical approaches in the act of teaching
  3. Apply innovative techniques in teaching
  4. Apply the contemporary scientific principles related to athletic activities for children, pre-adolescence and adolescence.
  5. Comprehend the contribution of Physical Education and Sports in improving the quality of life in Cyprus
  6. Comprehend means of enhancing the supporting role of exercise in physical and mental health
  7. Evaluate and utilize research findings in education and sports
  8. Recognize and broaden social, political, economic, environmental, cultural and other factors that affect the involvement with Physical Education and Sports at personal and group level
  9. Develop, apply and evaluate programs of physical education and sports in the school and the community, and link school life with the social realities as well as applying strategies of collaboration with parents and the community in promoting such programs
  10. Know the process of policy development for Physical Education and Sports and exhibit skills of critical analysis in relation to the establishment of such a policy.

Program target Audience

The program concerns people that are active in the field of Sports and Physical Education at school. It is also open to graduates of other related disciplines. Therefore, the program’s target audience is:

  1. Graduates from Physical Education departments or  equivalent degrees
  2. Teachers of Physical Education
  3. Active educators in schools at all levels (1st and 2nd cycle)
  4. Officers in services of the public or private sector, local authorities or NGOs, that are involved in the development of policies in the fields of Physical Education and Sports