New Technologies Integration in Education

Main Thematic Areas:

Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments, New Technologies as Mindtools, Teacher Education

Contact/Lead Person(s):

Dr. Nikleia Eteokleous

Team/Unit/Lab Website:


Description of the main research interests and activities of the team/lab:

The main research interests of the team focus on integrating new technologies such as computer applications, web-based tools, educational software, mobile devices, audio-visual tools and robotics; within the educational practice (formal, informal and non-formal learning environments, online distance learning environments – blended and fully immersed) across various subjects matters and levels of education. The team’s research promotes the integration of new technologies as mindtools in order to enhance the teaching and learning process and promote students’ higher order thinking skills.
Additionally, it aims to investigate and further define the appropriate scientific and pedagogical background in designing learning environments enhanced with new technologies. The team examines various concepts related to new technologies, such as multiliteracies and multimodality, sustainable development, project and problem based learning, development of cognitive and metacognitive abilities, teacher education and online learning communities. As of 2013, the Robotics Academy has also been established in collaboration with the Robotics & Automated Systems Lab of FU, aiming to promote the use of robotics within the teaching and learning practice.

Description of the main equipment/facilities available:

The team members utilize numerous technological applications and equipment to facilitate and promote their research activities. Those currently include the following: Windows 7 Computers, educational software (i.e Multimedia Builder, Inspiration, Windows Live Movie Maker), web-based applications (i.e. blogger, wikispaces, weebly, wix, padlet, timetoast timeline, flikcr,, voki) and the educational robotics packages (Lego Mindstorms NXT, Lego WeDo, bee-bots, Lego EV3).

Research Projects Experience:

Over the last 5 years, the team has participated in 6 research projects, that obtained funding from various competitive calls (RPF, EU, and other international funding sources), of which 3 projects as the lead partner and coordinator. The research projects funded examined various concepts in relation to new technologies in education, i.e. robotics, art, training educators, interactive websites development, videoconferencing and sustainable development. The team members have published articles in established and well-known international scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings and participated in international and national conferences.

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