Computer Networks Research Unit (CNetRU)

Main Thematic Areas:

Quality of Service/Experience in Wired/Wireless/Mobile Networks; Machine-to-Machine Communications; Internet-of-Things Architectures; Ubiquitous Computing and Smart Environments; Sensor and Vehicular Networks; Trust Models, Dynamic Key Management and Risk Management; Intelligent Control, Multi-objective Optimization and Constraint Handling; Mobile Social Networks and Smartphones.

Contact/Lead Person(s):

Dr. Chrysostomos Chrysostomou

Team/Unit/Lab Website:

Description of the main research interests and activities of the team/lab:

The Computer Networks Research Unit (CNetRU) has been established to support primarily the research needs of the University's Computer Systems and Networks Academic Domain Unit. CNetRU has demonstrated significant research work in the areas of both wired and mobile/wireless networks and communication systems. Specifically, the Unit performs research in networking issues, such as architectures, protocols, algorithms, and mechanisms that support the provision of Quality of Service/Experience and security. The principal aim of the research is the performance enhancement with emphasis in the development of efficient, secure, and effective networking protocols and control techniques using computational intelligence techniques, like fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation (e.g., in sensor and vehicular adhoc networks). Also, the CNetRU focuses on trust models, dynamic key management, and risk management. Moreover, the CNetRU promotes research on smartphones and mobile social networks.

The Networks Laboratory (NETLAB) and the Mobile Devices Laboratory (MDL) have been established under the CNetRU. These labs support the development of appropriate simulation models and of pilot applications.

Description of the main equipment/facilities available:

CNetRU research is supported by the utilization of CISCO equipment, and of Microsoft and Android systems. Specifically, the development of simulation models and pilot systems is supported by: 2 cabinet/rack-mounted CISCO routers and switches, a structured internal computer network for pilot testbeds, a number of testbed computer workstations, a cloud of smartphone devices, electronic and computing devices (e.g., xbox, Kinect sensor), web and virtual platforms, CISCO Packet Tracer, Network Simulators (NS-2, NS-3, OMNeT++, OPNET IT Guru), Wireshark (Packet analysis software).  In addition, the CNetRU utilizes prototyping and proof-of-concept implementations.

Research Projects Experience:

Over the last years, the CNetRU has been involved in the preparation of a number of research proposals, through collaboration with other academic institutions and industries, as the lead coordinator/researcher from competitive calls of the National RPF and EU. The CNetRU research work has been published in several book chapters and in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences, and the Unit members have given presentations in various international scientific conferences. Further, Unit members are involved in the organization of international conferences. The CNetRU has established numerous collaborations with other Universities, Research and Industrial Organizations in Cyprus and abroad, like the University of Cyprus, Monash University Australia, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Politechnico di Milano University, KTH University, Microsoft Cyprus, the Cyprus Police Department and the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection in Cyprus etc.

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