Automotive Engineering, ICE and Vehicle Structures

Main Thematic Areas:

Modelling and simulation of lightweight vehicles, Combustion simulations, Crashworthiness

Contact/Lead Person(s):

Dr. Loucas Papadakis

Team/Unit/Lab Website:


Main Research Interests and Activities:

The main research team's interests and activities are following:

Main equipment/tools/facilities available:

Our automotive engineering laboratory's major equipment and software are following: Vehicle Smart 600 cc turbocharged, Vehicle MAZDA Demio, Vehicle TOYOTA Corolla, CARTECH CET2000 four-gas petrol analyser and Diesel opacity measurement, Kane gas analyser AUTO5-3, CARMAN SCAN Diagnostic Tool and oscilloscope, BOSCH KTS540 hardware and ESI tronic software for diagnostic purposes and AUTODATA vehicle data software, Bosch FSA500 vehicle testing system, BMW 4 and 6--cylinder engine blocks etc., CNC Machine, Lathe and Milling machines, MIG/MAG and TIG welding machines, Hydraulic pressing machine and fatigue machine with force and displacement sensors, LS-DYNA, PC-Crash and SolidWorks.

Past Projects Experience:

Participation of members in past and current research projects: EC Horizon 2020 FoF-12-2017 AdditiveManufacturABLE (AMable – 768775), Development of Aero Engine Component Manufacturing using Laser Additive Manufacturing (MERLIN – 266271), Increase of the passive safety of cars for the protection of pedestrians by Crash Resistant Adhesive Bonding of attachments on Lacquered Surfaces (CrabLacs), COST Action CA18120 - Reliable roadmap for certification of bonded primary structures, Cost Action CM1404 - Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies (SMARTCATS), Integration of innovative green technologies on existing public transportation BUSes for 5% to 30% (BUS-FUEL-SAVING, Restart 2016-2020)

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