APX412 Lighting and Acoustics

The course aims at making students understand the basic terminology and principles of acoustics and lighting design, as well as investigating the changing of a certain space’s ambience due to the different lighting, as well as acoustic conditions. At the same time, it aims at familiarizing students with the possibilities that digital means offer regarding the simulation of these conditions. During this course, the students will have the chance to get familiar with different kinds of light sources and lighting concepts, and how these can be simulated and tested, so they can achieve an upgraded architectural quality of a building. At the same time, they will get to know a variety of design principles and materials of great importance in the acoustics of a space, and they will find out about contemporary means of sound automations and management, in order to acknowledge their importance in architecture. This course will be structured with a number of lectures and presentations of means and techniques. Each one of these will include an exercise, in order for the students to achieve a better perception of what they learn.