APX501 Diploma Project I ( Studio I: Building Design – Studio II : Architecture in the Urban Context – Studio III : Architectural Technology )

This studio constitutes the first completed architectural experience of composition, deepening and experimentation of this program of study. While the strategy of program forecasts in this half-year period the beginning of the orientation of students in certain forms of accent and specialisation, the program proposes for this studio to be developed on three parallel and independent thematic axes. Each one of them aspires in the same training results but through different issues and different nature problems of confrontation. The objective of this studio is also to develop two directions of the planning at the same time in reasonable approach: the first one concerns the experimentation and the deepening in special subjects of planning and the second one the growth of designing experiences that will be useful infrastructure in the level of professional practice. The first one concerns the preparation of profile of researcher that it experiments through architectural and the second one a profile of dynamic professional that aspires it impresses a new stain in the architectural practice.