Graduate Masters Level Courses

These are graduate level courses offered within the Masters programs of the Department: the MSc in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering Specialization), and the MSc in Web and Mobile Systems. A list of these courses with their description is provided in the sections of the above mentioned MSc programs.

Research Methods (EAS601)

This course aims to provide students with the generic competences required to carry out graduate-level research oriented work. By the end of this course, students will be competent in writing and presenting a successful research proposal, writing a literature review paper, critically reviewing an academic/research paper, writing a research paper for a refereed journal or conference, and writing and successfully defending a graduate-level thesis.

PhD Qualifying Exam (COE702)

The purpose of the PhD Qualifying Exam is to ensure that the student has the required background knowledge, as well as specialized knowledge to conduct research in his dissertation area and to cope with the requirements of the doctoral program. The qualifying exam consists of two parts: the first one examines the student’s broad knowledge on topics related to the field of computer engineering at the undergraduate level, while the second examines the student’s knowledge in the area of his research at the graduate level.

Advanced Topics (COE602 /603 /604)

Doctoral students need to attend three advanced level courses, related to advanced topics in the area of their Thesis. These courses can be taught courses, or can be directed independent study courses. Students may attend part of these courses at other accredited universities.

Research Planning and Proposal (COE701 /703 /704)

Prior to research engagement, a PhD student is required to convince the academic community that the proposed research is original, innovative and will lead to new scientific knowledge. To this end, each PhD student is required to submit a written Research Proposal report and defend it orally. The Research Proposal must include the contributions of the proposed research work, a complete review of the current state of knowledge in the research area of the proposal, the methodology to be employed, the expected results and the planning for the implementation of the methodology.