We provide you a number of services from advertising vacancies through to providing information and advice to organisations wishing to establish or strengthen their profile amongst Frederick University students, graduates and alumni:

  1. Post a job on our Job Online Database:
    Please complete the Job Vacancy form to advertise graduate and work experience vacancies (including summer internships, vacation work and volunteering)
  2. Post an internship on our Job Online Database:
    Please read the Frederick University Internship Guide for Employers and schedule a date with the Career Office in order to form your personalized internship scheme.
  3. On-campus recruiting and presentations:
    Schedule a date either to present your company and share your know-how with our students or to conduct interviews on campus for job or internship opportunities.
  4. Field Trips:
    Organised visits to your company in order for our students to familiarise with the real working environment, helping them to understand your company’s structure, activities and challenges.
  5. Career Day:
    Organised by the Career Office, this event features employers interested in hiring University students for summer internships and part-time jobs and University alumni for full time permanent employment.
  6. Offer Awards for excellent academic performance:
    For further information on the matter please contact the International and Public Relations Officer, Mrs Niki Menelaou (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  7. Develop research activity along with the Frederick University Research Centre (FRC) as well as with the Frederick University Liaison Office with the Industry


Work Opportunity Options

1. Part-time work

Many of our students undertake part time work throughout the semester and vacation periods both to develop their professional skills and earn some additional income.

Students are particularly interested in gaining work related to their degree course or an occupation they are considering for future employment. However, many other students are also looking for casual work in different settings to support them through University.


2. Summer Internships for students in Cyprus and abroad

Summer internships are a very popular option for work experience amongst our students and we have students from all disciplines looking for these opportunities.

Internships generally last between 4 to 12 weeks during the summer vacation and are undertaken in a particular occupation or professional area.

Internships are an opportunity for employers to gain dedicated resources during the summer vacation and to get new projects started. Internships are a great way to get to know an individual’s potential, allowing you to take on students for a few weeks to ‘test out’ future graduates.

For the summer internships abroad, students may receive grant covering their travel and living expenses through their participation in European and international funded programs.


3. Internships for Recent Graduates in Cyprus and abroad

Internships for recent graduates are also very important for their professional development. They can take place at any given time during the year, since there are no University restrictions. It is also a great way for the employers to ‘test’ their potential.

Our recent graduates are also given the opportunity to get their 1st professional experience in the European labour market through EU funded programs.


4. Full-time jobs in Cyprus and abroad

Frederick University equips its graduates with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to make a difference in their chosen career. In addition to producing graduates with a strong knowledge base, the University recognises the importance and relevance of skills such as the ability to be a constructive team member communicate effectively and work independently to set goals and strategies. Strong links with employers guarantee the relevance of our degree programmes and equip our graduates for careers at the cutting edge of their chosen fields.

Why choose Frederick University?

We think there are a number of good reasons for targeting Frederick University students and graduates. Some of these relate to our reputation as an institution, our excellence in both teaching and research, and our links with business and industry. Others relate to the quality of our students and graduates, not just in terms of academic excellence but also because of the skills and qualities they can offer employers. And finally we believe that the Frederick University Careers Office offers varied provision and a flexibility of approach that allows all employers to access a diverse pool of talent.