DGC512 Thesis

Candidates submit a Master's thesis during the third and final semester of their studies.

DCG 511 Practicum / Internship

The candidates practice skills relevant either to the school / career counseling or to the social counseling role. Candidates are mentored by a cooperating counselor and are overseen by a university field supervisor. Emphasis is placed on learning to implement individual planning, systems intervention, responsive services and guidance curriculum.

DGC509 Addiction, Substance Abuse: Prevention and Coping

The course is designed to develop awareness of the concept of addiction and to help candidates understand the complex interaction of the factors involved in addictive behaviors in adolescents and youth. Emphasis is placed on gaining insight in the therapeutic process of addictive behaviors including the role of the individual, the family and the social network. Additional topics include preventive strategies and the Cyprus legal framework and National Policy on prevention and treatment of addictions.

DGC510 High Risk Children and Adolescents. Counseling for Resilience

The class explores the concept of "psychological resilience" and "risk factors" in childhood, adolescence and youth. Participants will examine research evidence on individual, family and community factors that have been found to promote resilience in at-risk children, adolescents and youth. The intense debates and controversies engendered by these findings and their application to prevention and intervention strategies. The course requires thorough and critical engagement with course readings, video interviews, web research, independent work, and discussion based on scientific papers and research.

DGC508 Methodologies of Professional Orientation

This class has a practical orientation supported by the relevant theoretical background such as Constructivist approaches to Career Counseling with emphasis on the Career Construction Theory, Career Adaptability and Life Design models of M. Savickas. Candidates learn to implement techniques in career counseling interventions and learn the use and limitations of psychometric tools in Career Counseling.