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NameDr. Martha Apostolidou
RankAssociate Professor
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Dr Martha Apostolidou holds a Master in Education and a PhD in Education – Health Education and Health Promotion from the University of Wales and a Further Education Teacher’s Certificate (City and Guilds, London). She also has qualifications in General Nursing (SRN; Diploma in Nursing - University of London), in Midwifery (SCM), in Ear Nose and Throat Nursing and in Health Visiting (North East London Polytechnic). She is an Associate Professor at the School of Education at Frederick University Cyprus and the chairperson of the Pre-Primary Department. She also teaches at the School of Health at Frederick University and she taught Intercultural and Family Nursing at the Cyprus Technological University. Prior to this she has also worked as a Ward Sister and Health Visitor in London (1977-1982), where she participated in the training of medical students and nurses. She developed courses in the areas of health education, domestic violence, child abuse, sex education/ sexual abuse, anti-narcotic education, healthy relationships and conflict management and taught teachers, doctors, health visitors, psychologists and social workers. Dr Apostolidou is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health and a Member of the International Union for Health Promotion and the Health Visitors Association (UK). She has been appointed by the Council of Ministers as a member (1999-2010) and as the Chairperson (2010-to-date) of the Advisory Committee for the Prevention and Combating of Violence in the Family. She was also the Secretary of the Council of the School for Children with Special Needs (Appointed by the Council of Ministers, 1993– 2002). She was an elected President of the Council of the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Domestic Violence (May 2000 to May 2002) and the Secretary of the above Council from 1995 – 2000. She has been a Member of the Scientific Committee of the Cyprus Anti-Drug Council. She serves as a Member in many committees i.e. for the Prevention of Child Abuse, Sex education and Teacher Training and she has served as an elected Member of the Council of the Family Planning Association (1999- to - 2002). For the last 20 years she has been working academically and on a voluntary basis in the areas of gender and health, empowerment of women, child and women abuse. She has coordinated / participated in a number of European funded, bi-communal, and national projects and she is the author of publications in scientific journals, chapters in books and Reports. She was the scientific coordinator and main researcher of the first national research on violence against women in the Cypriot family (2012) and the first national research on child abuse in the Cypriot family (2004). She is also the author of the Report: ‘Evaluation of the Implementation of Procedures for the Handling of Family Violence by all State Services and NGOs in Cyprus (Prepared for the Council of Ministers) and co-author of the first ‘National Action Plan for Family Violence’. Since June 2011 she participated as a Member and as the Chairperson in External Evaluation Committees for the Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (for Education Programmes, Midwifery Departments of Athens and Thessaloniki) and for the Master Programme of the Medical School of the Kapodistrian University of Athens "Research in Female Reproduction" (June 2011). As a representative of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, she participated in High Level Group Meetings for Equality issues and Violence against Women in several European countries.

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