The Department focuses on the development of academic programs of study that meet current and future demands set by the local and international environment in order to provide its graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills that equip them for a successful career. In addition, the research development objectives set are in accordance with the guidelines specified by national and European research foundations. Moreover, the Department seeks to promote science in the fields of Nursing, Public Health, Health Management, Community Health Care, Emergency Health Care etc. through lectures, laboratory work, clinical practice, research, seminars and conferences.

The aim of the department is to offer high quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Through its modern and focused programmes, it aims to meet the scientific and professional needs of its graduates as these evolve in association with the needs of the Cyprus economy as well as the global environment. Nurses respond to the healthcare needs of people in all environments and throughout life and their roles are vital to achieving global demands such as universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The nursing process, as a holistic but also individualized to the needs of the patient, is carried out at each stage with the care of sustainability development. Nurses have to perform key roles on their daily clinical practice with SDGs application to be very challenging.

Emphasis is placed on theory and its application in preparing students for qualifications that will enable them to respond to the rapidly changing demands of the health sciences field. The students are encouraged, as early as possible in their studies, to cooperate with the department's staff in research projects, a process that trains them in applying theory into practical projects. Therefore, they learn the importance in applying evidence based clinical practice in patient care.

In addition, the Nursing Department aims to: (a) to educate students to become expellant nursing scientists and excellent clinical nurses, (b) to familiarise students with Nursing research, which is the cornerstone for the production of new knowledge and for the continuing development of nursing science and of the nursing profession,  (c) to transform student to nurses who will be important factors in improving Healthcare industry.