Program Administration


The PhD program in each School is administered by the Doctoral Studies Committee of the School and the head of Committee acts as the program supervisor. The Committee’s approves the regulations concerning the doctoral program of the School, decides on the number of new admissions to the doctoral program, decides, in consultation with the Department Boards, to the School Board the candidates to be admitted to the doctoral program, assigns the academic advisors and approves the research advisors for doctoral students, approves transfer credits or exemptions for new students, approves the members of the Research Proposal Committee and the Doctoral Dissertation Committee, and recommends to the Senate the award of the PhD degree to successful doctoral students.

In addition to the Doctoral Studies Committee that has the overall responsibility of the program, each PhD student is assigned a three-member Research Proposal Committee that is responsible for the supervision and development of the student throughout his/her studies. For each student the Research Proposal Committee will consist of:

  • The lead supervisor (a full-time Teaching and Research Staff of Frederick University)
  • an additional full-time Teaching and Research Staff of Frederick University
  • a full professor from another university

The research activity of all members of the Research Proposal Committee must be directly related to the domain of interest of the doctoral student. For further information regarding the administration of the program refer to the PhD Regulation document.

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