Social Welfare Research Team

Main Thematic Areas:

Social and Humanities Sciences, Social Work research, Intimate partner violence, Child trafficking, Disabilities, Vulnerable groups, Women, Youth, Multiculturalism

Contact/Lead Person(s):

Dr. Stavros K. Parlalis

Team/Unit/Lab Website:


Description of the main research interests and activities of the team/lab:

The main goals of the team are to promote scientific research in the area of Social Work, undertake and conduct research in Social and Humanities domains, prepare research proposals, participate and implement national and international research projects. The thematic areas of the Research Team are focused on Families and Children, Gender and Equality Issues, Domestic Violence and Violence in general,  Elderly persons, Bullying, Adolescents and Young, Addictions, Mental Health, Persons with Disabilities, Poverty and social exclusion, Local Government/Authorities, Community Development, Volunteering, Civil Society, NGOs, Social Solidarity Networks, Refugees and Immigrants, Trafficking and Exploitation, Development Social Policy and Welfare, Emergency Management, Human Rights, Vulnerable groups and minorities, Contemporary social problems and social risks.

Past Projects Experience:

Since its establishment in 2000 the Social Work Department has been involved in numerous research projects. Academic members of the department played leading roles in significant research activities. Most of the projects carried out were funded by the EU Solidarity Fund (e.g. EU-European Refuge Fund and EU-Integration Fund) and national organisations (e.g. Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance). Moreover, members of the academic staff have been involved in a number of different studies regarding intimate partner violence, child trafficking, disabilities and issues regarding refuges and third country immigrants. The high standards of our research activities or projects are the outcome of the long-term involvement of the team with their research specialization. Some examples of executed projects are:

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