Nature Conservation Unit

Main Thematic Areas:

Biodiversity Conservation, Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development

Contact/Lead Person(s):

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Team/Unit/Lab Website:

Description of the main research interests and activities of the team/lab:

The Nature Conservation Unit (NCU) has developed a wide range of research and educational activities, through the implementation of several research projects. These projects focus on two main thematic areas:

  1. Biodiversity conservation. NCU projects in this area aim at the implementation of the Natura 2000 Network, the conservation of endemic, rare and threatened species, the impacts of climate change on nature and biodiversity, the management of ecosystems and the rehabilitation of ecologically degraded areas.
  2. Environmental education and education for sustainable development. Projects in this area aim on enhancing education and raising awareness about the rich biodiversity of Cyprus and the importance of nature conservation. Moreover, they aim at promoting favourable environmental attitudes among the people. Some activities also focus on training and awareness of young educators on issues relating to conservation and sustainable development.

Description of the main equipment/facilities available:

NCU has established two contemporary laboratories; the Plant Ecophysiology Lab and the Genetics Lab. Both Labs are equipped with modern research infrastructure. This infrastructure has been acquired through the participation of the Unit in several research projects, and the support of Frederick University. The Unit's infrastructure includes equipment for both laboratory and fieldwork as well as the necessary information technology equipment. Detailed information about the Unit's research infrastructure is provided on the Unit's website.

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