Advanced Infrastructure and Materials center (AIM)

Main Thematic Areas:

Computational modeling, cultural heritage, retrofits, sustainable materials, concrete technology, UHPFRCCs, FRPs, energy efficiency

Contact/Lead Person(s):

Dr. Petros Christou

Team/Unit/Lab Website:

Description of the main research interests and activities of the team/lab:

Advanced Infrastructure and Materials center (AIM) is involved in fundamental and applied research related to classical and modern structural engineering areas including a combination of analytical, design, as well as experimental techniques and the use of computers reflecting current and likely future practice. AIM is involved in a number of activities covering a wide range of interests:

(1) Analysis of structural systems - static and dynamic analysis (linear and nonlinear);
(2) Design of structural systems - innovative construction methods and materials;
(3) Computer aided structural engineering and software development;
(4) Testing and Simulation Techniques;
(5) Fiber Reinforced Polymers;
(6) Sustainable Building Materials, giving emphasis in the effective reuse of waste construction materials in concrete mixes;
(7) Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites (UHPFRCCs), emphasizing in the development, mechanical properties and the impact resistance of UHPFRCCs;
(8) Self-Compacting Concrete;
(9) Thermal modeling and Energy Performance Analysis of buildings

Description of the main equipment/facilities available:

The research unit has at its disposal a newly constructed testing facility equipped with several testing machines such as flexural testing frames for testing flexural members in bending, compression testing machines for testing small columns as well as a tension testing flame for testing tension reinforcement. A seismic table is available for dynamic loading of scale models. The research unit has a universal data acquisition system that can be used to collect data from the testing machines as well as from other measuring equipment such as LVDTs, load cells, strain gages, accelerometers, extensometers etc, also available at the laboratory. 

Research Projects Experience:

In recent years AIM has participated in various projects such as:

(1) Theoretical definition and software development for the development of 3D interaction surfaces;
(2) Analysis of cable and tensegrity structures;
(3) Mix Design, Mechanical Properties and Impact Resistance of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites;
(4) Development of a Real Time Quality Support System for the Housing Construction Industry;
(5) Concrete Confinement Using CFRP Grids and Retrofitting techniques applied in residential buildings.

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