Fine Arts Research Unit

Main Thematic Areas:

Applied Arts & Architecture

Contact/Lead Person(s):

Mr. Panayiotis Michael

Team/Unit/Lab Website:


Description of the main research interests and activities of the team/lab:

The Fine Arts Research Unit consists of a dynamic research team, the members of which selectively have an important and extensive research experience. Specifically, the Unit deals with:

  • How notions of landscape, history/ies, memory and identity interrelate and interconnect; how they shape, inform and are in a constant dialogue with one another
  • How the genre of Landscape within the visual arts operates as a platform for challenging cultural notions of ethnicity, collective identity and common narratives
  • Methodologies of mapping and memory construction within interdisciplinary areas of visual arts, critical theory, philosophy, sociology and political sciences
  • Landscape as viewed object built of spaces and temporalities
  • Landscape as a transitive space and its multiple readings as a cultural process and product.

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