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Course Unit CodeABSO111
Course Unit Details
Number of ECTS credits allocated5
Learning Outcomes of the course unitBy the end of the course, the students should be able to:
  1. Identify the links between behavioural management and organisational performance
  2. Recognise the relevance of managing people and integrate these concepts with knowledge gained in other core business course
  3. Appreciate why human capital is one of the most important asset to an organisation
  4. Analyse how organisations can build culture, communication and leadership to improve performance
  5. Examine with empirical example how to effectively manage behaviour in organisations
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Recommended optional program componentsNONE
Course ContentsOrganisational diversity:
Diversity defined
Forces of change
Diversity management and high-involvement organisations
Roadblocks to diversity
Creating and managing diversity

Organisational behaviour in a global context:
Forces of globalisation
The globalisation experience for associates and managers
Opportunities for international participation
High-involvement management in the international context
Ethics in the international context

Work motivation
The strategic importance of work motivation
Content theories of motivation
Process theories of motivation
Motivating associates: an integration of motivation theories

Stress and well-being:
Workplace stress defined
Two models of workplace stress
Organisational and work-related stressors
Individual influences on experiencing stress
Individual and organisational consequences of stress
Managing workplace stress

The communication process
Communication within organisations
Interpersonal communication
Barriers to effective communication

Conflict, negotiation, power and politics
The nature of conflict
Causes of conflict
Conflict escalation and outcome
Organisational politics

Organisational change and development
Pressures for organisational change
Planned change
Organisational development
Recommended and/or required reading:
  • Hitt, M., Miller, C. and Colella, A. (latest edition) Organizational Behavior: A Strategic Approach, Wiley
  • Robbins, S. and Judge, T. (latest edition) Essentials of Organizational Behavior, Pearson
  • André, R. (latest edition) Organizational Behavior: An Introduction to your Life in Organization, Pearson
  • Schermerhorn, J., Hunt, J., Osborn, R. (latest edition) Organizational Behavior, Wiley
Planned learning activities and teaching methodsLectures, discussions and presentations by students
Assessment methods and criteria
Final Exam60%
Language of instructionEnglish
Work placement(s)NO

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