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Course Unit CodeABSE403
Course Unit Details
Number of ECTS credits allocated5
Learning Outcomes of the course unitBy the end of the course, the students should be able to:
  1. Explain how European integration came about and analyse the economic and political logic that led to the creation of the Union.
  2. Identify how micro and macro economic tools can help understanding the logic of integration.
  3. Review the main EU policies and their effects on the economy and society.
  4. Analyse the monetary and fiscal aspects of the European integration process.
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Recommended optional program componentsNONE
Course Contents

Introduction to history and institutions

History of European Integration

Basic facts, law, institutions and the budget

Decision making


The economics of integration: tools and concepts

Introduction to essential microeconomic tools and preferential liberalisation

Market size and scale effects

Growth effects and factor market integration

Economic integration, labour markets and migration

Introduction to essential macroeconomic tools


EU Micro policies

The Common Agricultural Policy

Location effects, economic geography and regional policy

EU competition policy and state aid policy

EU trade policy


EU monetary and fiscal policies

The European Monetary System

The European monetary union

Fiscal policy and the Stability Pact

The financial markets and the euro 

Recommended and/or required reading:
  • Nello S. S, (latest edition) The European Union: Economics, Policies and History, McGraw-Hill.
  • Baldwin R, and Wyplosz C, (latest edition) The economics of European Integration, McGraw-Hill.
  • El-Agraa A (Ed), (latest edition) The European Union: Economics and Policies, Cambridge.
  • Neal L, (latest edition) The Economics of Europe and the European Union, Cambridge.
Planned learning activities and teaching methodsLectures, discussions and presentations by students.
Assessment methods and criteria
Final Exam60%
Language of instructionEnglish
Work placement(s)NO

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