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Course Unit CodeABSO105
Course Unit Details
Number of ECTS credits allocated5
Learning Outcomes of the course unitBy the end of the course, the students should be able to:
  1. Analyse the various functional fields of management integrated within a strategic framework
  2. Outline the strategic planning process
  3. Explain the important of setting long-term goals and objectives
  4. Summarize the main steps involved in the decision making process
  5. Discuss the functions of a company’s organization structure
  6. Explain the concepts of accountability, authority and delegation
  7. Explain the challenges and advantages of a diverse workforce
  8. State the basic accounting equation and explain the purpose of double-entry bookkeeping and the matching principle
  9. Explain the purpose of ratio-analysis and list four main categories of financial ratios
  10. Discuss the importance of establishing investment objectives and identify five factors to consider when making investment choices
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Recommended optional program componentsNONE
Course Contents

Management functions and skills (Chapter 12)

Four functions of management. Management skills.

Organization, teamwork and motivation (Chapter 13)

Designing en effective organisational structure. Organising the workforce. Working in teams, motivating employees

Human resources (Chapter 14)

Demographic challenges. Alternative work arrangements. Planning for company’s staffing needs. Working with labour unions.

Accounting and financial management (Chapter 7)

Understanding accounting, analysing financial statements, understanding financial management

Banking and securities (Chapter 8)

Money and financial institutions. Types of securities investments. Investments strategies and techniques. Analysing financial news.

Marketing concepts and strategies (Chapter 9)

Understanding today’s customers. Planning your marketing strategies.

Products and pricing (Chapter 10)

Characteristics of products. Product line and product-mix strategies.

Pricing strategies

Distribution and customer communication (Chapter 11)

Developing distribution strategies. Developing customer communication strategies.
Recommended and/or required reading:
  • Bovee, Thill (2009) Business in action with real time updates, 4th edition, Pearson.
  • Nickels, McHugh and McHugh (2008) Understanding Business, the latest editions, McGraw Hill.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Lectures, discussions, presentation of case studies, movies, assignments.

Power point presentations used in class, lecture notes and case studies are available to the students on the e-learning platform.
Assessment methods and criteria
Mid-term test20%
Final Exam60%
Language of instructionEnglish
Work placement(s)NO

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