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Course Unit CodeMID512
Course Unit DetailsMA Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices (Electives Courses) - MA Interdisciplinary Design (Elective Courses) -
Number of ECTS credits allocated7
Learning Outcomes of the course unitBy the end of the course, the students should be able to:
  1. Investigate in basic history introduction with references in architectural, artistic and design movements using the body as a recurring theme.
  2. Research, Present and Analyze anthropomorphic designs and their variation.
  3. Participate in discussions involving all students to maximize visual impact and difference in visual problem solving.
  4. Utilize unique ideas, materials and forms through research and analysis.
  5. Visualize and communicate ideas with conceptual thinking in mind
  6. Participate in the written assignment presentation that involves all students to maximize visual impact and difference in visual problem solving
  7. Analyze, explain and discuss the use of new materials and their applications in contemporary design products.
  8. Create new possible relation between body and object using new experimental forms
  9. Utilize unique ideas and sketch through a visual process.
  10. Give special attention in new Forms, Shapes, Size and Uses.
  11. Present final research findings and ideas regarding product design proposals.
  12. Participate in specialized workshops in order to work more efficient for the production of the final product.
  13. Explain, defend, and initiate discussion and/or debate. Communicate visually.
  14. Participate in the final presentation of designs involving all students.
  15. Convince through attention to detail, structure, presentation level and professionalism.
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Recommended optional program componentsNONE
Course ContentsThe subject deals with the body as a recurring theme in History of Art and a favorite subject in contemporary creativity – from applied design to architecture, fashion and d�cor. Offers a new and intriguing take on the topic of the body through a trans-disciplinary series of works embracing design, fashion, architecture and art. The aim is to investigate the relationship between body and space and the infinite ways of relating among people and the things and environment that surrounds them from the most obvious to the more enigmatic and experimental.
Recommended and/or required reading:
  • Materials for Inspirational Design, C. Lefteri, Rotovision, 2006
  • The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design, A. R. Tilley, John Wiley & Sons, 2002
  • The Fashion of Architecture, B. Quinn, Berg Publishers, 2003
  • Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed, H. Koda, Yale University Press, 2004
  • Not a Toy: Radical Character Design in Fashion and Costume: Fashioning
  • Radical Characters, J. H. Fox, T. Polhemus, Pictoplasma Publishing, 2011
    Planned learning activities and teaching methodsIllustrated lectures, visual presentations, demonstrations, and discussions on critical parts of the subject.
    Lectures are supplemented with extended project briefings, practical workshops, research exercises and presentation, group critiques and individual tutorials.
    Practical workshops and presentations, exercises and discussions on critical parts of the subject.
    Personal and group research and tutorials as an important and integral part of the teaching methodology.
    Assessment methods and criteria
    Research Assignment20%
    Project Work40%
    Final Presentation40%
    Language of instructionEnglish
    Work placement(s)NO

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