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MSc in Health Education and Health Promotion

Admission Requirements

Specific Admission Requirements

Students admitted to the programme are expected to hold a Bachelor Degree from an accredited University either in education, in health, in humanities or social sciences. Also, they are expected to be fluent in Greek and English (the program will be taught in Greek). Proof of fluent English could be demonstrated by the possession of GCE, TOEFL (70+), or IELTS (6+) certificate (degree holders from English speaking universities are excluded). The University offers non ECTS English Language I and English Language II classes for prospective students who do not complete the above requirements.

Prospective candidates should submit their application accompanied by their official transcripts, two letters of recommendation from university faculty members or business setting officials and a summary of their research interests. The Program Committee has the right to call prospective candidates for an interview.

After the application deadline for the program, the Committee will evaluate the prospective candidates based on the following criteria: bachelor GPA, recommendation letters, professional experience, participation in educational and health activities and programs and research interests. Candidates will be informed about the results of the Committee evaluation via regular mail.

Recognition of Prior Learning

There are no specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning for this Program. Candidates can be granted transfer credits according to the general arrangements for recognition of prior learning of the University.