Admission Requirements

General Requirements

Candidates for a master degree must submit a recognized bachelor degree or qualification deemed to be equivalent to degree level as well as the official transcripts (grade reports) of their first-degree studies. In addition, there could be special requirements for various master programs.

Specific Admission Requirements

The admission requirements are specified in the General Student Regulations as well as in the Frederick University Studies Regulation. A good undergraduate degree from a recognized university or the equivalent international qualification or an acceptable professional qualification is considered the main academic requirement. Additionally, very good knowledge of Greek and English is extremely important. Advantage is considered the demonstration of satisfactory knowledge of English language (suitable qualifications may include TOEFL, IELTS, GCSE, IGCSE, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English or equivalent). Finally, work experience in the field of adult education should be also considered as an advantage. 

Prospective students are expected to submit their application and all related documents, such as copies of their degrees, transcripts, two letters of recommendation from professors or supervisors in the workplace and a research interest report. Where the Evaluation Program Committee deems necessary, the candidates may be asked for an interview meeting.  

By the expiry of the application deadline for admission to the program, the Evaluation Program Committee will evaluate prospective students based on specific criteria, such as academic records, recommendation letters, digital literacy, research interests, interview, work experience, knowledge of Greek and / or English etc. The committee decisions are announced by electronic mail or otherwise to all candidates.