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MSc in Electrical Engineering

Admission Requirements

Student Admission Requirements

According to the University’s regulations candidates for a master degree must submit a recognized bachelor degree or qualification deemed to be equivalent to degree level as well as the official transcripts (grade reports) of their first-degree studies. In addition, there could be special requirements for various master programs. Each School or Department can specify further admissions criteria such as a minimum average grade, or measures such as foundation courses for each program of study.

Specific Admission Requirements

Eligible candidates will be selected and admitted to the program based on academic merit, although prior professional experience is also accounted for. Candidates are evaluated and accepted by an Evaluation Committee, formed by the Program Coordinator and two members of the program’s teaching staff.

English is the official instruction language of the program. Candidates’ minimum qualifications for admittance to the program are:

  1. Bachelor's Degree from an accredited University degree in the fields of Electrical Engineering, or another related field.
  2. Fluency in English. Candidates must hold knowledge of English language certificate such as GCE, TOEFL (70+), IELTS (6+) or other relevant certification. This requirement can be waived for graduates of English speaking universities.

Additionally, the following criteria will also be accounted for:

  1. Professional experience.
  2. Candidate’s involvement in courses and activities related to Electrical Engineering.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Candidates who have completed university level work in an accredited program are eligible to apply for transfer admission. Such candidates should, along with their application form, submit the following documents:

  • Official transcripts (grade reports) and syllabi (course descriptions) for all University coursework taken to date.

Transcripts are evaluated by an ad-hoc Transfer Committee consisting of the Program supervisor and two other academic staff members, in order to determine the number of credits to be transferred, in accordance with the MSc in Electrical engineering program curriculum requirements.

Transfer students, regardless of the number of credits transferred should complete at least two thirds (2/3) of the ECTS credits required by the program of study at Frederick University in order to be eligible for graduation. For a 1 ½ -year 90 ECTS program, a transfer student must complete a minimum of one (1) year full time study (60 ECTS) in the MSc in Electrical Engineering program in order to be eligible for graduation. Restrictions set by professional bodies such as the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ΕΤΕΚ) are also taken into consideration.