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MSc in Engineering Management

Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

MSc in Engineering Management

Level Of Qualification

Master (2nd Cycle Degree)

Offered by

School of Engineering

Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MEM) Program aims at producing graduates that are equipped with deep understanding of the latest technologies and practices in the field of Engineering Management, coupled with essential management knowledge.

The MEM program aims to bridge the divide between engineering, technically-focused Master’s programs and the business-oriented MBA programs. Engineering and Business Management do not exist in isolation but merge in the industry. The proposed program, realizing this relation, is specifically designed to address the engineering aspects and the management issues that pertain technological organizations.

Central to the proposed MEM program is the emphasis on engineering management challenges in Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), the dominant sector of engineering and technological organizations in Cyprus and the greater region.

Specialization in Oil & Gas Management and Energy Management

Given the continually increasing importance of energy-related issues in Europe and beyond, and in particular the monumental advancements occurring with the discovery of significant reserves of natural gas, and possibly oil as well, in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus, the program of Engineering Management decided to establish a specialization stream, that of Oil & Gas Management and Energy Management. The aim of the program is to adequately prepare young engineers and young managers with the management challenges in these fields. These will include elements relating to project and supply chain management, energy demand and energy economics, as well as specialized courses relating to oil and gas engineering and process engineering.


The language of instruction is English.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. exhibit broad knowledge in engineering management in order to support decision making and analysis
  2. evaluate the importance of quality, technological innovation, and risk in engineering business
  3. identify and formulate problems in the context of engineering management and exhibit the capacity to effectively prioritize them
  4. Apply problem solving and decision making skills to address problems in the realm of engineering management using quantitative techniques and cutting-edge tools and technologies, as well as qualitative skills and critical thinking
  5. integrate knowledge required for the management of complex engineering projects, operations, products and services from a multidisciplinary perspective
  6. independently carry out research related to engineering management
  7. Demonstrate organisational and team skills needed in management of projects and business processes.
  8. Demonstrate graduate-level competency in oral and written communication skills, as well as in the use of relevant computing technologies and tools

Occupational Profiles of the Graduates

The graduates of the Program are equipped with the knowledge and skills assist technological organisations in employing appropriate techniques Graduates are expected to be employed as junior and mid-level managers in technological organisations in various departments including finance, operations and ICT, and manage large scale projects. They can also work as technological consultants in consultancy firms or start up their own technological organizations. Finally, program graduates can be employed in the public or semi-public sector in areas relating to policy making and monitoring for the broader engineering perspective