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PhD in Computer Engineering

Completion Requirements

The doctoral program is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). To be awarded the PhD degree, the student must complete at least 180 ECTS credits of doctoral level coursework, research work, and seminar attendance. The normal duration of the program is three years.

The requirements for the successful completion of the doctoral program and the award of the PhD degree are the following:   

  1. Successful completion of 28 ECTS credits of doctoral level coursework.
  2. Passing the PhD qualifying exam.
  3. Approval of the doctoral dissertation proposal.
  4. Submission of a doctoral dissertation.
  5. Successful defence of the doctoral dissertation.
  6. Participation to graduate level seminars including research talks and conferences.
  7. Successful submission of at least three scientific papers. At least one paper must be published or must be accepted for publication in refereed international journals. At least one paper must be presented in a refereed conference and published in the conference proceedings.